Heroes of the Storm streamers

Stream Status Last seen
JHow Teamwork Thursday. Let's go!... Live!
Kiyeberries [HHE] Probably TL Forever - !affiliates Live!
heroeshype HypeSquad Arena Ep. 1 Live!
thestrategisttv ITN Team League Night! - Rainbow... Live!
FanHOTS Tempo Fan - GM HL/TL Live!
Dak52 HoTS with the crew tonight! Join us! Live!
beidji чилим Live!
cuhbob Ры :з Live!
Figdbl Gold Rank TL Live!
PvPLaB Quick Match Live!
bdubzXT [NA] RANKED PLAY Live!
HysterX This doesn't look like Apex Live!
Noob23q Heros of the storm Live!
Nymnyms Woosh. HOTS time! ♥ Live!
orphen1 KING OF THE RATKIDS! Live!
Shigity GM#85/#16 - Sick BibleThump Live!
Smuijii Enter the nexus w/ the buijii's Live!
Zarumag more scrims from the scrimmest scrim... Live!
8bitshik Bloodthirsty Shik - Slaying Live!
Davidovo Le Stream du BUM - LSAS Live!
Glogan13 TL with friends and subs Live!
Izzy1134 Not sure what's going on. But I... Live!
Kunanaki [NA] Thursday Couch Say HOTS! Live!
Malifter Diamond 2 for life apparently.. rip |... Live!
PapaAwiz Real Men play hots now/Anthem all night Live!